Summers Heat Poem

My head is dripping wet like under a faucet,

Any composure I had left I think I might have lost it,

Where can I go where can I hide,

How can I get away from the molten lava ride,

The suns brilliant but punishing rays beam down on me,

The only thing on my mind is to find the nearest shaded tree,

Pores all over my body crying for the same reason,

To find some comfort away from this debilitating season,

As the temperature rises I almost convince myself to give in,

Let the heat have me because I see no other way to win,

My mind has now coerced  my body to keep moving,

While my body is fighting every step of the minds very choosing,

Finally in the distance I see blissful salvation,

My body can finally stop this endless sweaty propagation,

As I gather myself I see the most wonderful of sights,

It is the sun going down and a gift of the morning of night.