A New Hope

Image by Drajt from Pixabay

The world violently perished
When man reaped what he sowed
Swallowing the light in darkness
Leaving time as the only comfort
To bury mistakes of the past

Few lived to see those days
Scavenging for food to get by
The life giving liquid of hope
Drained through broken hearts
Desolate like the ravaged earth

All was about lost to eternal night
Until a beam parted the darkness
Lighting a building in the distance
Whats left of humanity came together
To see hope growing inside


A Fairy With No Regrets

Image by Briam Cute from Pixabay

A fairy sits on a soft mossy log
Stripped of her magical powers
She was cast out to be forgotten
To the land of eternal shame
Where an endless river of time flowed

Love was the crime she committed
A forbidden one she knew very well
Everything was taken from her life
Except this love that burns so strong
Nothing but her can tame the flames

No regrets for the feeling in her heart
For this fairy tasted the drop of love
Bathing in its blissful immortality
She holds onto her heart made whole
Peacefully at the endless river of time


Fields Of Flowers

beautiful bright colorful colourful
Photo by Abby on Pexels.com

A myriad of colors for miles
Swaying in the free open fields
Touched by natures feathered hands
Mixing smells born into the moment
By the alchemy of the divine

So complex is this fragrance
I feel unworthy of the scent
My spirit separates from my body
To chase the smells of a dream
All across the spiritual plane

If there was one thing to compare
It must be love in the purest form
That I wish to stay with all my heart
Until the day I dream forever
I never want to let it go


Alone In The Dark

Image by DarkWorkX from Pixabay

Fate has brought me here
Chasing the moon in darkness
Finding myself at this lake
Under the full moon gaze
Surrounded by nocturnal eyes

I’m not sure why I’ve come
My intuition is seldomly wrong
So I stand with an empty mind
Playing with the darkness
Until my curiosity is fed

The moon sweeps the tree tops
Making the shadows come alive
As dark nimbus clouds appear
Leaving me alone in the dark
To find my way back home