Just A Dream Away

Image by Republica from Pixabay

In the short distance the forest calls to me
I can hear ocean waves in its rustling leaves
While I taste the evergreen air in my lungs
My weakness is exposed for all to see
When sleeping endorphins paint a smile

I can sit under these trees for all my days
Watching the sunlight sew its way in
While particles glow like sprinkled fairy dust
I can imagine myself being caught in a breeze
Sailing freely being gently kissed by the light

I dream of these moments within the trees
Maybe those dreams were forged by my heart
Knowing I may search for answers in that realm
For my heart knows I long for inner peace
And that peace might be found just a dream away


Our Tranquil Sanctuary

green pine trees near mountains under blue sky
Photo by Brandon Montrone on Pexels.com

The aroma of pine needles fill the air
Arousing sleeping memories of the past
Emotions teeter from joy to sadness
Awareness of my presence is fading fast

This forest was our tranquil sanctuary
Together in the womb of natures love
We planted the seed of our friendship
Blooming high into the clouds above

Our conversations were long and deep
Where foundations of dreams took form
We sip drops of each others wisdom
Becoming fluid to outlast any storms

Time always goes on unimpeded
Life carries us on different paths
I will cherish all of the time we spent
Locked in my heart where they will last