I’m Flying

sea of clouds view
Photo by Eze Solis on Pexels.com

I’m flying high above the tallest peaks
Like a kite carried over billowy clouds
Letting the wind take me where it will
Free of fear of crashing to the ground

The skies are of the deepest of blue
An ocean I swim effortlessly with the wind
The sun softens the slight chill on my back
My old life melts away as a new one begins

This flight fills me with unequivocal peace
I’ve never felt this tranquility of being free
I try to keep reality away from my heart
As gravity puts its weight on top of me

I’m being pulled through the sea of clouds
Floating like a feather back to my bed
I reluctantly open my tearful eyes
To find my alarm clock blinking red

Though I know it was only a dream
I’m awake and still feel light as air
Enveloped in a new love I’ve never felt
Shedding the dusty coat of endless despair


A Wish To Fly Poem

If I had one wish I would wish to fly,

to soar above the clouds with a blissful feeling inside,

no fear of falling because I have wings,

Watching the birds gather and effortlessly sing,

Flying ever so higher my confidence starts to grow,

How high I can fly only I can know,

Fly with me from day to night,

You then know why this world is such a beautiful sight,

Moving through the sky in the most majestic of ways,

High above the clouds to feel the warmth of the suns rays,

finally when I come down with the soil underneath my feet,

The feeling I had of flying so powerful my heart begins to weep,

Now the question is not how to fly,

It is when to fly that I have to decide.