Fields Of Flowers

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A myriad of colors for miles
Swaying in the free open fields
Touched by natures feathered hands
Mixing smells born into the moment
By the alchemy of the divine

So complex is this fragrance
I feel unworthy of the scent
My spirit separates from my body
To chase the smells of a dream
All across the spiritual plane

If there was one thing to compare
It must be love in the purest form
That I wish to stay with all my heart
Until the day I dream forever
I never want to let it go


The Birth Of Your Bloom


Behind a silky green coat you hide
the brilliance of your nature as
I stand in reverence thinking
of the colors of your
past lives

You wait for the backdrop of spring
to begin to reveal your new petals
as they slowly awaken offering a
feast of beauty for my
yearning hungry eyes

I watch you as you drink in the rays
of the sun while being cradled
by the cool soil of the loving
affection of earth

I can smell the life of your fragrance
as the soft subtle breeze spreads
your essence and I bathe in the
light of your birth

You are the reason people look up
to the sky to look for your source
for you surely couldn’t be from
this place

Even the sun can’t wait for you to
come around again to light up your
soul shining through the beautiful
colors of your face

From the beginning seed of your life
to the birth of your bloom I
chronicle your existence
and capture the moments
in the time capsule
within my heart

Each time you bloom we will always need
to find the room to add another one
of your colors to the pages of
life and its endless colorful