A Mothers Fury


Blue skies fill with sinister clouds
Gathering in the distance full of pain
Lightning crackles to show its furious bite
Warning of this storm brings more than rain

I can’t help but feel this is a message
One that mother nature delivers herself
She will not stand to be abused any longer
Especially for mankind’s insatiable wealth

My heart cries endless tears of sorrow
For these lessons it seems we never learn
We must take better care before its too late
Before we reach the point of no return

Spring Love

Your beauty captures my intrigue
My heart fills with the colors of love
Butterflies awaken to flutter again
Birds sing praises high above

Flowers rise to the warmth of your touch
The earth begins to bleed of green
Dullness of gray retreats away
Revealing the birth of colors to be seen

I find myself under your spell
Love of your beauty stains my heart
I feel your life just a breath away
spring is here, time for love to start




Great days and moods seem like dreams
the feeling of being so light I could fly
reaching for the pinnacle so high above
breaking the barrier that is the sky

A flash of reality wakes me out of the dream
feeling the endless rains of fear and misery
the futility of trying to fly underwater
wishing to be in my dreams for eternity

Some days the rains are harder than others
I ponder my existence throughout the downpours
enveloped in the bone chilling cold of sadness
beginning to see the darkness of deaths front door

A quiet whisper from my soul is then heard
just before I enter the tunnel of endless night
my heart begins to pump with a new vigor
telling me to never give up the fight

I look to others soaked by the same rain
extending the warm hand of blind compassion
the links of selfless love spreads worldwide
together we build a foundation everlasting

The fire of hearts connected lights the sky
as the rains of fear and misery dissipate
together is the only way the rains stay away
we fly as a flock unburdened by any weight

Our Mother


Lifetimes of apologies will never be enough
to heal the scars inflicted on you
without your consent

Your body has been the battlefield to endless
wars as I hear the screams of your wounds
muffled underneath cement

The fog of war has been your veil so long you
have forgot what it is like to see your
own beautiful face

Bombs and bullets with no names continue
to fly overhead heralding the fire of
destruction as we struggle to find
a safe hiding place

Fossil fuels that fill bottomless pockets
of greed bring forth your tears that
were once healing now turned
to acid rain

There is no way I could ever fathom what you
have gone through as you still support
life here throughout your pain

All I can do is plant seeds of compassion in your
nurturing soil in the hopes that one day down
the ladder of time it fills the void
in your heart

I promise to be the best version of a human being
with actions of love as a vow in your honor
to care for you like you have always done
for me from the very start

The Sun And The Earth: A love affair


The rarest of gems radiating in a blue
shade unlike any other

You are the envy of sapphire deserving
of immeasurable value outside of
any number

I want to taste your cool blue essence to
soothe my face engulfed in flames and
quench my dry yearning lips

As I watch you dancing around me slowly
I fixate and gaze upon you leaving
others in a dark endless abyss

I know deep down inside that our love is
forbidden for destruction will come if
we collide

So I keep you at a distance and assure you
with flickers of light that my boundless
love for you lives deep inside

I will always watch over you like an eternal
lighthouse on your endless seas

As I look on marveling at your wonders as
you nurture all starting from the
beginning of their seeds

I await the day that you and I can be united
as your ice and my fire turn into oceans
of love that flood the universe

Until that moment comes I will wait for you
my love as I sit patiently in the hopes of
my dreams in loves cruel curse

Reality Of Peace


Gliding on this ship across this deep blue sea heaven

Mesmerized by it’s grandeur enveloped in it’s lesson

The soft cotton candy clouds slowly pass by watching too

Taking in the same beautiful view it is already accustomed to

Dolphins swimming together in a harmonic perfect unity

 I can’t help but think about why couldn’t this happen with humanity

As my mind drifts back into this dream like moment of peace

Feeling the tranquility in my being with every breath I release

Noticing a flock of birds traversing the sky going to their next destination

I become synchronized with their essence feeling my own flying sensation

closing my eyes for a moment to feel the ambiance of togetherness all around

The sharing of this beautiful blue planet where unity is the common ground

It dawns on me at this moment like the morning light that rises in the east

A light of hope that starts to come over me in a world of war that never seems to cease

The sense of unity I still feel and see in the life around me it yearns to be heard

One day when we all come together we can live the reality of peace that was once absurd

The Irreplaceable Sun


Watching over the earth and all it’s reach

Raining down the radiant light to the lands that lay beneath

Without it there would be no splendorous colors to behold

Colors that illuminate my heart lighting the prism of my soul

The brilliance of the deep blue seas to the green lush valleys to be replaced

By a veil of darkness that hides the earths beautiful face

The beauty of the spring the summer the fall would not been seen

Winter would be the only season that would remain and the pale it brings

So I wake up everyday with a smile when the sun takes me in it’s warm embrace

I treasure the life it gives for when it’s gone will not be replaced

Earth Within Us


The heart is the earth and the soul is the sun

Shining bright every moment which cannot be undone

The cloudy moments and storms come from the mind

For which you have the power to undo at any time

Let your will be the catalyst to do your choosing

The souls infinite light will provide your roofing

Plant those meaningful seeds in the soil of your heart

Feel the life in you begin to start

The sun will shine on your crop with endless light

Watch it grow with euphoric delight

Beautiful bright sunny days forever in spring we can live

All it takes is to care for what is the earth within