Just A Dream Away

Image by Republica from Pixabay

In the short distance the forest calls to me
I can hear ocean waves in its rustling leaves
While I taste the evergreen air in my lungs
My weakness is exposed for all to see
When sleeping endorphins paint a smile

I can sit under these trees for all my days
Watching the sunlight sew its way in
While particles glow like sprinkled fairy dust
I can imagine myself being caught in a breeze
Sailing freely being gently kissed by the light

I dream of these moments within the trees
Maybe those dreams were forged by my heart
Knowing I may search for answers in that realm
For my heart knows I long for inner peace
And that peace might be found just a dream away


To Dream Again

silhouette of two person standing during nighttime
Photo by Yuting Gao on Pexels.com

Your eyes were so full of dreams
Now cold and devoid of light
Staring endlessly at the stars
Looking for hope that flew away
Waiting for its safe return

Your destiny was held in your hands
Then taken away within a blink of an eye
Leaving questions floating in darkness
With answers muted in the absence of hope
Returning only with the clarity of light

It kills me inside to see you this way
Feel my heartbeat as I hold your hand
I’m giving you all the hope I have for you
Until the light returns to your eyes
And you can reach stars to dream again


I’m Flying

sea of clouds view
Photo by Eze Solis on Pexels.com

I’m flying high above the tallest peaks
Like a kite carried over billowy clouds
Letting the wind take me where it will
Free of fear of crashing to the ground

The skies are of the deepest of blue
An ocean I swim effortlessly with the wind
The sun softens the slight chill on my back
My old life melts away as a new one begins

This flight fills me with unequivocal peace
I’ve never felt this tranquility of being free
I try to keep reality away from my heart
As gravity puts its weight on top of me

I’m being pulled through the sea of clouds
Floating like a feather back to my bed
I reluctantly open my tearful eyes
To find my alarm clock blinking red

Though I know it was only a dream
I’m awake and still feel light as air
Enveloped in a new love I’ve never felt
Shedding the dusty coat of endless despair


Dream Catcher

Chasing dreams all throughout the night
To try to catch them throughout the day
I can feel them close to my heart
Though I see them so far away

It is the lighthouse on the dark horizon
A beacon that only my eyes can see
Pushed by the winds of will on my sails
I cross the unpredictable uncharted sea

The land behind me fades from sight
No turning back as I face my fears
This journey tries to break my spirit
My face is weary from all these years

My heart beats faster as I reach the end
For this is the day my soul officially cried
I finally caught the sunset of my dreams
In its golden light I now happily reside

Dream By The Waters Edge


Dream with me by the waters edge
Let our troubles sail the endless sea
Watch the night sky bloom before our eyes
Pretend the universe is made for you and me

We will drink the essence of stars
Dance slowly under the full moon gaze
Reverently we enjoy this magical moment
In our perfection of love for eternal days

The stars rain down in celebration
Of a connection that transcends time
We will always dream by the waters edge
Until I am in your reality and your in mine

Our Dreams

our dreams are the light
the star we hold so dear
hope in its very essence
the truth whispered in our ear

it’s the pinnacle of our destiny
the hardest goal to grasp
our first flame of desire
the earnest wish in our past

let the seed of our dreams grow
it will ripen with patience and time
our hearts will beat of the purset love
as we watch our dreams rise and shine


White Sandy Shores

 I dream of white sandy shores
where my feet can finally rest
feeling the cool ocean air
filling the lungs in my chest

I want to stare at the hypnotic waves
let my mind get lost in its ebb and flow
tranquility from sunrise to sunset
having nothing to do and nowhere to go

I must stay on my forward path
with the golden horizon in my sights
where my dreams will be waiting
to welcome me in its light

Dreams Of Love

Taking in the last glimpse of stars
falling to sleep under its silent lullaby
I awake into the sunlight of my dream
surrounded by a perfect blue sky

I see you standing next to the waters edge
motionless staring deeply into the sky above
with every step I take time becomes slower
my heart beats faster in the presence of love

As if you can feel me there you turn to me
we look endlessly into the souls behind our eyes
basking in the heat of a love that has no words
the tears of our lonely hearts begins to dry

Only dreams are big enough for this love
in the space where time has no beginning or end
I will always look for you there when I fall asleep
no matter where you are I will find you again

The Other Side Of The Glass

the other side of the glass

Staring out the window watching reels
of my dreams play under the sunshine

Caught in the endless moment of my empty
thoughts as the smell of coffee keeps
my attention in line

Weeks and months seem to blend into one as
my heart becomes captivated by the very
sight of my dreams

Waiting for the day I can embrace them in
my arms but nothing is ever as easy as
it seems

I wish I could walk past the glass and join
my dreams as they bathe in the glow of
being whole and complete

They haunt me with whispers of destiny all
throughout the day and visions when
I sleep

A promise made is a promise kept so I will
someday lay with my dreams on the
lush green grass

One day I will find a way to embrace them
finally on the other side of
the glass

Dreams Of The Ocean


Dreams of your touch plague my sleep as I
yearn for the pleasure to be in your
cool embrace

The eternal sounds of your crashing waves
sent ripples up my spine as your memory
stains a smile on my face

To feel the soft sands tickle my feet with
every step I take as soothing sounds of
your nature quell all my thoughts

Your body is the backdrop of all the beauty
of the world reflected off your wavy skin
of a true miracle I never forgot

I dove deep into your soul and swam among
the others as I tasted the essence of
your life with my eyes

I opened my heart for you as you hid the tears
I shed within your cleansing waters as I
became overwhelmed by your embrace
when we harmonized

I know the heart wants what it wants so as
destiny will have it I will see
you again

Until that time comes I promise to write you
another letter when I dream about your
embrace every now and then

The Dreams Of Peace


I look to the sky and watch the feathers
of the broken wings of the dreams of
peace fall graciously down to
earth settling around
my feet

Slowly I close my eyes and hear the faint
whispers of the sadness of this world as
I feel their tears running down
my cheeks

I kneel down to pick up every feather and
place them into my heart as I am
determined to not let the
dreams of peace
fade away

The feathers mend together with the glue of
love as our unified hearts sprout wings
to carry the dreams of peace no
matter how much they weigh

Our hearts soar high above showering the
earth with the light of love raining
down the true dreams of humanity
at it’s best

As fate cannot contend with the true nature
of the human heart as every beat is
driven by the force of love and
our unshakable will in
our chest

We are bound by our dreams that determine
our fate and not by fate determining
our dreams

The hands of fate loses it’s grip as we
spread the dreams of peace with our
newly sprouted ethereal wings

A Lotus Within The Heart Of My Dreams


Let my words build you a stairway to
reach the inner sanctum of the
heart of my dreams

Close your eyes and follow the guidance
of my whispers as you intertwine
yourself in my ethereal seams

We merge together like a waterfall that
meets an endless river below

Remaining formless letting the river of
my dreams take you where it wants
to go

Tranquility rests in your being as you
are effortlessly carried closer
to the warmth of my spirit

As you soak in the raindrops of my words
they whisper sweet sonnets of love
that only your heart has the
ears to hear it

Fireworks of words explode in the air as
the embers of letters fill the canvas
of your empty thoughts

And a glowing lotus emerges into view as
it is a glimpse of my soul you have
unexpectedly caught