Rising Courage


I awake this morning just
like the rest

Feeling the familiar in
and out compression
of my chest

But this time it feels just
a little different

An energy rising in me so
close so intimate

After thoughts flood my mind
of my most painful defeat

Visions paint a vivid picture
of myself broken staring
at my feet

I never thought I would have
the energy to battle on

Especially after the last defeat
when I heard the ends
marching song

So I gather myself and face my
defeat again

But this time I will stand my
ground because I plan
to win

The wings of doubt will not take
it’s flight

Not while I still breathe and
have the will to stay and

I rise now to face my foes
with undaunted purpose

My face lighting up to show
my will revealing itself
on the surface

When faced with defeat after
defeat I will never be

I can always rally and look
for strength in my
rising courage