Mount Shasta


In the distance over the trees
stands a jewel of white

I can’t help but stop and stare
at such a beautiful sight

Inspiration starts to fill me
in it’s very presence

Feeling the need to get closer
to capture it’s very essence

As I begin my perilous travel
looking for a path that
has yet been defined

The assuring white light of the
peak of the mountain gives me
a comforting sign

In the night the moon fixes it’s
luminous gaze on the
mountain top

The beams of light feeding the
thirsty dark as it lights up
my path drop by drop

As I get closer I feel my ambition
getting so much stronger

Anticipation fills my lungs as my
strides start getting longer

I began to see this journey was not
meant for me to reach the
mountain itself

Rather it was a lesson to help find
and define myself

I keep the lessons I learned in my
heart so they do not slip through
the cracks of time

Whenever I need a reminder I look
to the sacred mountain and myself
I will always find



Flowing liquid glass cool to the touch

Showing visions in it’s transparent essence is it’s nature as such

Rocks and plant life sitting in perfect tranquility

Nurturing all it surrounds with unrivaled serenity

Very still in it’s ways and thunderous in it’s waves

It shines like an endless sea of gems under the suns brilliant rays

It’s the giver of life to all that is living

The life blood of nature to all it is giving

Without it we surely cannot survive

We need it like breathing air in order to stay alive

Dried up river beds and lakes are the saddest sights to see

Knowing that life that has once thrived now has ceased to be

Treasure this liquid essence for it is one of natures greatest of gifts

Without it surrounding us life here would never exist

Rain In The Night

As my eyes relax in a meditative state,

Laying to rest in silence with nothing to contemplate,

Then I hear the faintest of sounds,

A slight pitter-patter tapping the ground,

My ears hear it clearly but my mind is perplexed,

So I look out the window to put my confusion to rest,

Watching these tears fall in the soft glow of the night,

The rains fresh smell floods my soul full of delight,

Bringing about nostalgia of the events that have passed,

What I was doing and where I was when the sky cried last,

I lay back down relaxed in a meditative state,

My eyes are sleepy I cannot stay awake,

But I rest assured that my conscious is always listening,

So that my soul can remind me of what it is witnessing.

Summers Heat Poem

My head is dripping wet like under a faucet,

Any composure I had left I think I might have lost it,

Where can I go where can I hide,

How can I get away from the molten lava ride,

The suns brilliant but punishing rays beam down on me,

The only thing on my mind is to find the nearest shaded tree,

Pores all over my body crying for the same reason,

To find some comfort away from this debilitating season,

As the temperature rises I almost convince myself to give in,

Let the heat have me because I see no other way to win,

My mind has now coerced  my body to keep moving,

While my body is fighting every step of the minds very choosing,

Finally in the distance I see blissful salvation,

My body can finally stop this endless sweaty propagation,

As I gather myself I see the most wonderful of sights,

It is the sun going down and a gift of the morning of night.

Sunset Poem

Sitting alone on the west coast sand,

Doing nothing but feeling sand in my hands,

With the waves crashing and mist sprinkles my face,

I know I rather be no other place,

For which I am about to behold,

Is a beauty that cannot be bought or sold,

Colors so vivid and bright,

It’s the closest thing on earth to a heavenly sight,

It’s a beauty seen with my eyes and felt with my heart,

I live for every moment until it starts to go dark,

I have not a single care in the world,

Not even a chance to utter a single word,

For this beauty I see has captivated my attention,

That even time itself is stuck in suspension,

I see this sight that is so divine and so pure,

So beautiful that even sadness can be cured,

Now that the sun is gone and the stars start to usher in,

I await the next day to witness this beauty again.

Paralyzed Poem

All of the sudden my body is numb,

Thoughts I have dramatically go dumb,

I cannot move or breathe my sweat starts to seethe,

This feeling I have I cannot believe,

This feeling I have I have no control,

Something has taken command of my very heart and soul,

Fear and anxiety comes and I don’t know what to do,

My body feels like I am swimming in the thickest of glue,

I focus again at what has my attention,

Of who is this that has this most wicked of invention,

It is you I see that has paralyzed my heart,

It is you I see my heart loved from the start.

Your Own Path Poem

When you follow the path of your own guide,

Lets you see the path you have inside,

You will always know what your doing is right,

Because your path remains in the plainest of sight,

In the eyes of others it may look arbitrary,

But in your heart is where you will see it is necessary,

Walk your path to your own rhythm and rhyme,

Only you can see the path that to others is blind,

Pay attention with compassion along the way,

And you will never forget what got you here today,

If you want to see your own truest of paths,

Ask yourself earnestly and let your heart do the math.