Imperfect Puzzle Piece


My adolescence darkened by shadows of doubt
Silence was my friend and in my heart we always played
I felt like the imperfect puzzle piece that never quite fit
The odd number in a world of evens they wished would go away

My pain hidden away masked by a broken smile
The cold air of loneliness snuffs out the light of my spirit
My wings soaking in tears of depression prevents my flight
Questions of why I am here so loud I can feel it

I never thought there would be a place for me
The lost imperfect puzzle piece that never quite fit
Until I found others with the same imperfect piece
That never gave up searching and refusing to quit

If you find yourself being that imperfect piece
I’m here to tell you that you are not alone
Stay true to yourself being that different soul
And let the heart guide you to your everlasting home



it’s becoming harder to breathe
each breath I take the more I lose
the crushing weight of expectations
dead ends at every door I choose

my heart declares a state of emergency
chaos sets fires in my once tranquil mind
fueled by the volatile gas of anxiety
an exit amidst the flames I try to find

just before I give up I close my eyes
feeling I am about to take my last breath
the cool mist of wisdom quells the flames
telling me there is still strength in me left

focus returns to me in piercing determination
the doors are still closed so I make my own
breaking through I find soothing fresh air
astonished of what I can do when I am alone