Coffee Poem II


You’re all I ever need
Such a simple little bean
An antidote for narcolepsy
The drug for the happy feels
Awakener of my stagnant mind

The bold scent arouses my senses
I run hastily to it in dreams
When I wake its the first thought
Walking dead tired to the light
Following the smell to liquid life

My body envelopes its dark silk
Wrapping warmth head to toe
Breaking the ice of cold sleep
So I may start the day in sunshine
Spreading love with my happy smile

*Its been 6 years since I wrote of my good friend so I thought today would be a good day


12 thoughts on “Coffee Poem II

  1. Writers always prefer coffee over tea. And this becomes a topic of debate.
    I like being friends with coffee but somehow black one seems to like me more than the milk. πŸ˜πŸ˜‰
    Enjoy 🌼🌟

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