Fields Of Flowers

beautiful bright colorful colourful
Photo by Abby on

A myriad of colors for miles
Swaying in the free open fields
Touched by natures feathered hands
Mixing smells born into the moment
By the alchemy of the divine

So complex is this fragrance
I feel unworthy of the scent
My spirit separates from my body
To chase the smells of a dream
All across the spiritual plane

If there was one thing to compare
It must be love in the purest form
That I wish to stay with all my heart
Until the day I dream forever
I never want to let it go


4 thoughts on “Fields Of Flowers

    1. Thank you for your kindness in nominating me I really do appreciate it.❀ My blog is an award free blog and I should have left the notice up in my about page so you wouldn’t waste your nomination on me. I really do appreciate all the time you have taken to read my writing and giving a like to what you read which means more to me than any award I could ever receive. I have enjoyed what you have written as well and encourage you to keep it up! Thank you again!πŸ™‚

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