I cast my stone into the ocean in
hopes of one day my ripple
reaches the other side

The ripples of fate carry me into
the open where there is no
place to hide

I close my eyes as the beacon within
my heart keeps me company in
the darkest of times

Floating in the ocean of life merging
with the ebb and flow of the
ocean tides

Moments observed in lifetimes as each
ripple moves from one place
to the next

The essence soaks into my being as I
exhale the life of the ocean
with every breath

Ripples going the same direction form
the wave of love reaching far and
wide with impunity

In hopes of one day our little ripples
in the large ocean of life will reach
the shores of unity

5 thoughts on “Ripple

  1. This has taken my breath away. I feel a sense of peace, yet loneliness and a strong need to belong or to help. Your words flow so smoothly with beautiful imagery to match. I really love this one.

    Liked by 1 person

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