I lay awake dreaming of stars
Waiting to sleep to the angels lullaby
The clock strikes 1:11 in the morning
The moon makes its way across the sky

I can hear my heart in a solid rhythm
Feeling every beat in the palm of my hand
My eyes stay heavy but refuse to close
Frustration builds as I try to understand

Every little sound calls my attention
I rebel to the sounds entering my thoughts
The sweet sound of silence is what I seek
As my mind tries to untie this sleepless knot

I look at the clock one last time to see 3:33
The silent lullaby begins to ease me to sleep
I melt away into the sound of silence
As my mind body and soul finally falls asleep

13 thoughts on “Sleepless

      1. I have been seriously lacking it these past weeks as Lyme is reminding me it isn’t done with me just yet, reading and knowing others experience those sleepless nights, makes it a little less lonely, though I don’t wish sleepless nights on anyone, grin.

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      2. When it comes to sleepless nights, many others join us I am sure on the sleepless train. I guess we just have to be patient and enjoy the company with pleasant thoughts and wait for our stop to get off.

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