Infinite Moment Of Love


We defied the confines of time as we
placed ourselves in the moment we
shared together

An infinite moment tied with the
ethereal strings of our love
as we traversed the endless
sky light as a feather

I inhaled the life of your love and
exhaled the happiness of your
essence as we existed in
union in this infinite

Our intertwined souls are the materials
that made the brightest star in the
universe of true love that has
taken us to this magical place

Infinite lifetimes lived could never make
me forget your face and your love as
your mortal body slowly fades away

Your love has scarred my heart forever
and I wear it as a badge of honor so that
I am reminded of you everyday

As I finally let go I watch you float down
the river of time as I vow in my heart
to swim the river to find you again

A shooting star flies by as the whispers
heard with my heart say I love you
and I close my eyes as you watch
over me and tuck me in

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