Spring Memory


The sun rises over the horizon as
the stars shyly fade away in the
mornings illuminating light

I begin to rise as the golden rays
of the sun brings forth motivation
after the evenings dying night

Feeling the heart of the world when
I step outside admiring the
revitalizing view of

I look at the poetry of nature as I
find myself reminded of the gifts
of life that didn’t cost me
a thing

The world opens to me feeding my soul
the love and infinite colors that
my heart readily seeks

As I look through the eyes of a soft
soul I understand the visions of
a full heart when it
soulfully speaks

All I want is for this vision to stay
with me even after my time here is
done and my ashes blow away

As my other memories find themselves in
the vault of the lost I only wish this
one to remain of this beautifully
magical spring day

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