Song In The Night


The day begins to fade away as the
silky backdrop of the night
displays the priceless
jewels that capture
our eyes

We gather around the campfire trying
to match the warmth of our skin
with that of our hearts as we
watch the flickers of embers
fly by

Off in the distance we hear a song
that makes us close our eyes and
soak in each note with our now
attentive ears

A new warmth fills our bodies as even
the hair on our skin rises up to
give tribute in the night
devoid of fears

The campfire flares in delight as the
song has reached the heart of its
flame that is now raging in a
bright bonfire

We look at one another around the flame
and see a new reflection in our
eyes as our heart pumps in a
new found desire

So one by one we begin to sing to the
tune of our hearts orchestrated by
the song in the distance as we
watch our spirits dance in
the night

The night finally comes to an end as
the song fades to a soft linger
that still dwells in our
hearts even after the
dawn of the morning

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