Infinite Era Of Compassion


The storms of tragedy rages through
the world as we slowly drown in
the ashy rain

Minds consumed by losses unexpected
as we stand in the puddle of
sorrow in this loveless pain

Tears run down my cheeks as I feel the
vivid pain of the world resting
heavy on my heart

My tear drops join the others down at
my feet as I sense the world
tragically falling apart

The unequivocal darkness of ego and
greed rule this world shading us
in its paralyzing dark
of night

As more and more evil deeds done to
others and the world adds more
darkness to the worlds
dying light

There comes a time in all our lives
when enough is enough and today
is that day

The fire deep in our hearts combust
in compassion as the flame of
love lights our way

When the flames spread throughout
the world uniting all into one
burning light of love
in action

The warmth of love will dry the eyes
of the world beyond the tables
of time into the infinite
era of compassion

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