The Dreams Of Peace


I look to the sky and watch the feathers
of the broken wings of the dreams of
peace fall graciously down to
earth settling around
my feet

Slowly I close my eyes and hear the faint
whispers of the sadness of this world as
I feel their tears running down
my cheeks

I kneel down to pick up every feather and
place them into my heart as I am
determined to not let the
dreams of peace
fade away

The feathers mend together with the glue of
love as our unified hearts sprout wings
to carry the dreams of peace no
matter how much they weigh

Our hearts soar high above showering the
earth with the light of love raining
down the true dreams of humanity
at it’s best

As fate cannot contend with the true nature
of the human heart as every beat is
driven by the force of love and
our unshakable will in
our chest

We are bound by our dreams that determine
our fate and not by fate determining
our dreams

The hands of fate loses it’s grip as we
spread the dreams of peace with our
newly sprouted ethereal wings

12 thoughts on “The Dreams Of Peace

    1. The fact that you cried reading it shows me how much you felt it, which to me is one of the greatest compliments I can ever receive. Thank you so much my friend! šŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

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