I’ll Meet You In The Moonlight


I’ll meet you in the moonlight when
the darkness washes away the
light of the day

When the night sky flowers open
bringing forth life in myriads
of stars on display

Where time slows down to a crawl
as the eyes of life here on
earth become captivated
in silence

The moonlight casts a spotlight on
our faces as we remain in our
expression in a moment
of timeless

Our souls can mingle with the stars
together anywhere in the world no
matter how far on any land
or sea

Just look upon the sky and release
your heart to the stars so your
soul can be set free

You can find me floating on the
vapor clouds of the milky way
as I watch shooting stars
fly by

We can witness the life of a star
as it explodes in tears
cascading down the
universe’s eye

When you need me I will meet you in
the moonlight so that our souls
always remain close

In the moonlight is where you will
always find me when you want to
feel my heart the most

6 thoughts on “I’ll Meet You In The Moonlight

    1. I am sorry the poem was heartbreaking for you. Even though you may not be able to look at the stars or the moon, rest assured they are always looking and shining down upon your heart so you see them always! 🙂

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