The Heart Of My Soul In The Stars


Relays of flickering light reflect off
my eyes as I lose myself in the
touch of your gaze

Watching miracles made in the sky before
the veil of light comes at the dawn
of the day

My thoughts take a back seat to emotion
as I see the passion of the universe
spread meticulously across the sky

The heart of my soul releases the equality
of love as my earnest feelings give it
wings to fly

The stars above hear the pleads of my heart
as they flicker back at me with infinite
luminous lights of their love

I can feel the synergy of our heartbeats in
rhythm as my heart flies among them with
the graceful peace of a dove

As the flickers begin to fade away
disappearing in the morning
light and I close my eyes for
these last moments of
our dance

Faint whispers of the stars invite me to join
them when my body returns to the ashes and
my soul can finally advance

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