A Lotus Within The Heart Of My Dreams


Let my words build you a stairway to
reach the inner sanctum of the
heart of my dreams

Close your eyes and follow the guidance
of my whispers as you intertwine
yourself in my ethereal seams

We merge together like a waterfall that
meets an endless river below

Remaining formless letting the river of
my dreams take you where it wants
to go

Tranquility rests in your being as you
are effortlessly carried closer
to the warmth of my spirit

As you soak in the raindrops of my words
they whisper sweet sonnets of love
that only your heart has the
ears to hear it

Fireworks of words explode in the air as
the embers of letters fill the canvas
of your empty thoughts

And a glowing lotus emerges into view as
it is a glimpse of my soul you have
unexpectedly caught

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