Images and familiar faces show up in a
misty haze as they settle down in my
empty thoughts of a daydream

I sit staring at everything and nothing
bathing in the aroma of fresh bagels
and roasted coffee beans

The chattering voices and clanking
dishes fuel my imagination as I let
the moment take me in it’s arms

I take it all in with one deep breath
awaiting any wisdom of these
visions as I exhale the
sweetness of it’s

Pictures of other lives flash before
my eyes as I tap into the calming
presence of the surrounding

Enthralled by these visions I start
to see my own story emerge from
the depths of forgotten dreams
begin to appear

A young boy comes into view as I
recognize the image of myself
freely unabashedly playing
in the street

As my mind goes back into the vault
of nostalgia bringing forth the
time and day to make the
vision complete

I then remembered what I felt and
what I saw and how I looked at
life behind the innocence of
a young boys eyes

The essence of a free heart wild at
play sinks in as the life I knew
and loved is returned to me in
a daydream of my lifes reprise

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