The Soul Of Your Words


I soak up your every letter like dry
grass taking in the first rain

My mind opens flowering with your
essence as it flows through my

You write enigmatic string of words
that my soul can

I journey with you in your world
by your side as you take
me by the hand

I am taken to places that my heart
has yet to fathom or
even dream

Showing me the soul of your words
that with the naked eye cannot be

Painting blank pages with the soulful
rhythm of your breathtaking art

Spewing the colors of life with your
words where it always finds
my heart

I will always look to you for inspiration
like a beacon shining in the distance
in the night

The wings of your words have guided me
through your world as I bathe in the
radiance of your light

( This poem is dedicated to all the poets, story tellers and others who inspire me everyday with their wonderful writing. I feel very lucky to experience humanity at it’s finest here in this WordPress community. It’s people like you and the words you write that will inspire the whole world in a positive way going forward. Thank you for all you do! )

17 thoughts on “The Soul Of Your Words

      1. I am glad you read it. You inspired me. I gave up a job writing SEO for a major web site building company here on Las Vegas, Nevada. It didn’t pay that well, I worked my a– off and the guy who owned it had his secretary lie to me. I was outta there! Don’t regret my decision to resign either. Only so many hours in the day and time is the most valuable thing you’ll ever give anybody. Now that I quit that stupid job I can focus on real writing, earn some money as an independent contractor, teach piano again, which I make 5 times as much as I did for my other job. What’s your name? You can call me Paulette.

        Paulette Le Pore Motzko

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      2. It’s great that you are setting your path to do what you truly want to do. I know a couple people that did what you did and they seem happier for making that decision, and like you had no regrets. Best of luck to you as I am sure things will work out beautifully. It’s nice to meet you Paulette, everyone calls me Tone.

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    1. Thank you so much Angelina! This community is truly one of a kind. So many positive people and great works of art whether it be writing, painting, or other expressions that we all get to enjoy. I am happy my poetry inspires you as I can say the same for your poetry inspires me as well. ๐Ÿ™‚

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