Winter Queen


She blows her frigid breath with
the blessings of the stars above

Introducing the world to the cold
side of natures love

Remnants of her breath can be seen
on the lakes and streams

Billowing by searching for another
stretch of untouched green

Her color like her tears are always

Every time shes cries they float
down in a soft graceful flight

The trees are covered in her
brilliance and icy affection

As she embraces the warmth of earth
giving her loving protection

When the seasons change and her
time here is done

She starts to lose her grip under
the rising heat of the
molten hot sun

The suns rays fade away her white
skin and delicately floats it
up to the heavens from
which they came

Until the time comes around when
the king of fall starts to leave and
he calls her name

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