Mount Shasta


In the distance over the trees
stands a jewel of white

I can’t help but stop and stare
at such a beautiful sight

Inspiration starts to fill me
in it’s very presence

Feeling the need to get closer
to capture it’s very essence

As I begin my perilous travel
looking for a path that
has yet been defined

The assuring white light of the
peak of the mountain gives me
a comforting sign

In the night the moon fixes it’s
luminous gaze on the
mountain top

The beams of light feeding the
thirsty dark as it lights up
my path drop by drop

As I get closer I feel my ambition
getting so much stronger

Anticipation fills my lungs as my
strides start getting longer

I began to see this journey was not
meant for me to reach the
mountain itself

Rather it was a lesson to help find
and define myself

I keep the lessons I learned in my
heart so they do not slip through
the cracks of time

Whenever I need a reminder I look
to the sacred mountain and myself
I will always find

15 thoughts on “Mount Shasta

  1. Sacred mountain is right! I was there years ago and camped at the base of the mountain and even climbed the mountain. The feeling for better lack of word was magical. There was such serenity and peace it reminded me of being at the shore of an ocean which hypnotizes you into reverie. At night the stars were cheek to jowl and if any city dweller would see for the first time you stood in awe of how many stars can be seen. I wish to return some day. Nice write!

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    1. ” There was such serenity and peace it reminded me of being at the shore of an ocean which hypnotizes you into reverie.” This is a great description! I am very fortunate to only live 2 hours from this beautiful mountain. Everyone should put this place on their bucket list because it truly is special. I need to see it more myself. Thanks for stopping by and reading!

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      1. Yes it is a beautiful place. Where I was camping I picked up two red lava rocks which were about 1 and half feet in circumference. I gave one to my friend and the other has seen many gardens ( I move a lot lol) 2 hours away. I would be making a pilgrimage every time I could. You are so lucky. Be well.

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  2. What mountain is this? I’ve been to Colorado and I was awe struck by the scenery. Rocky Mount and the Red Rocks. It took my breath away. Thanks for posting this.

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      1. Thank you! 🙂 It feels nice to be back here. I am glad to see your still around and writing as well! I am also familiar with the earth chakras. I didn’t know much about them as a kid, but when I learned more about them and the mountain, things started to make more sense of what I was feeling when I was younger. I really need to get up there again and meditate myself.

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      2. Yes, I was thinking that I need to get over to Shasta again when I read this, just to bask in the incredible beauty, silence, and energy. I’m especially craving nature with all of this rain keeping me indoors.

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