Through The Eyes Of A Bird

brown pelican

If I could choose to be an animal
what would it be

I would surely choose to be a bird
to set me free

To be able to fly the skies feeling
the wind underneath my wings

As I watched all below taking in
natures beautiful magnificent scenes

My bounds would be limitless as I can
fly anywhere to my delight

What a wonderful feeling it would be
to feel the freedom of flight

I would fly around the world as far
as my wings can take me

As I soak in the energy of natures
love taking me further than the eyes
can see

I now know why the birds sing and chirp
in complete joy and happiness

They live what it means to be free ready
to fly bonding in togetherness

So again if I were to choose what animal
I would prefer

I would surely choose without a doubt to
live through the eyes of a bird

8 thoughts on “Through The Eyes Of A Bird

  1. Hi, I’m sorry but I have not been getting email notifications of your post. I was in Ontario for a month on a crisis situation. I just became aware that I did not receive any notifications of your post. I am told to go through the people that are following is to unfollow and follow again. Seems to clear up the glitch. I apologize again.


    1. No apology necessary! I haven’t posted anything in a few weeks so maybe that is why you are not getting the notifications. Thank you so much for continuing to follow me and taking the time to read the posts. I will start posting again soon, just taking a little time away enjoying the summer. Thanks again! šŸ™‚

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