A Burning Heart Against All Odds


When we’ve fallen broken by insurmountable expectations

We get back up with a little more wisdom a little more patience

Bound by the heart to overcome it all

Rising ever so stronger every time we fall

Becoming harder and harder to knock us off our feet

No longer satisfied by the deafening words of defeat

Knowing deep down inside we will win in the end

Guided by our infallible hearts carried with destiny’s wind

The face of anguish is replaced by the stare of determination

Our eyes fixated on our seemingly perilous final destination

Persevering through the hardships moving forward frail and weak

The heart plays the determining factor whether we find what we seek

The horns of triumph sounds when we conquer the impossible

Silencing naysayers for what they thought not probable

Never to be underestimated again only revered and awed

Hero’s are made and it starts with a burning heart against all odds

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