Lost In The Golden Sands Of A Dream


Standing on these golden sands with no beginning or end

I start to walk in a direction so my journey may begin

Looking behind me my footsteps leave no trace

Faded away by the erasing winds every mark having no place

I ponder on how many others have walked this same way

When every step that is taken vanishes away

I can’t help but wonder where I am and where I’m supposed to be

When hope is a long shot when emptiness and despair is all I see

A mirage plays tricks on my eyes like a master of illusion

Sounds echoing off the sands add to the confusion

My heart empty yearning for the satiable drops of hope

As I lose my focus and the moisture in my throat

Refusing to collapse until I draw my last breath

 I keep going until my body falls and my soul has left

Then I stop to close my eyes to conjure my last thoughts

Listening for any parting wisdom that can be caught

I begin to open my eyes with beads of sweat racing down my face

Realizing now I am in a different setting different place

I lay in my bed relieved it was all just a dream

The kind that plays tricks that are never what they seem

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