The Light To Shine Our Path


As I sit loathing at my paralyzed mindless thoughts

I keep feeling there’s more to life than what I have sought

Unsure of my next move having doubts of success

Feeling everything I do will leave me hollow in my chest

A shadow haunts my thoughts and visions as I plead for a sign

I am wilting away as I yearn for peace in my chaotic mind

At this moment I begin to feel my heart start to weep

The emotion of self pity comes over me as I sit in my seat

I failed to protect and listen to the one thing I held most sacred

As I view my heart laying in shambles broken and wasted

Realizing at this moment what I must begin to do

I pull myself together and start to do what my heart deems as true

Vowing on that day to never let my heart down again

The shadow that haunted me is replaced with a light within

A purpose of my life is now shown to me so very clearly

Is to take care and listen to what I held so close and dearly

Our hearts hold the light to illuminate the darkness and it’s wrath

Keep it happy and it will always be the light to shine our path

* This poem is based on something I was feeling a few years ago

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