Fearless Heart


I can feel a storm coming but I remain calm in my being

Anxiety wants in to let me witness what it is seeing

I refuse to give in for that is too easy to do

 Never known for taking the easy way out I remain firm and true

Gazing into the storm with a peerless determination

My will faithfully by my side to aide in this perilous confrontation

The storm comes at me with everything it’s got to break me down

Telling me all I have to do is say I quit but I never make a sound

Battered and bruised with the fire of courage in my eyes

Absolute in my determination no matter how fierce the storm or size

I still remain here strong while the storm has it’s day

But I will be the one in the end to have the final say

A treasure after the storm is to be found greater than any monetary wealth

To know our ability to endure hardships of any kind is to find our true self

This to me is more valuable than any priceless art

Knowing that we all possess deep inside a fearless heart

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