The Awakening Of Spring

spring flowers

A young flower awakes from the night of winter

The morning dew of spring kisses the petals that life now enters

Animals and insects come out of their hiding

To be embraced by the song of spring that nature is providing

The splendorous colors of spring are shown in reflection

Of the renewal of life in all where we share a common connection

The children play in the grass with pure delight on their face

A cheerful spirit in their eyes that cannot be replaced

The adolescent plants and animals do the same thing

All together in harmony enjoying the beauty that spring can only bring

The power of spring can lift away all dreary spirits

Singing the song of love and life if you listen close you can hear it

This is the time of year where all starts anew

Winter is now gone and sits in the rear view

This is the season for all to be healed from the cold winter sting

Welcome to the healing love of the awakening of spring

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