I remember the days when I had no past

I lived every moment and forever they seemed to last

A future undecided everyday I was driven

To just be free exploring life was my mantra for everyday living

The day when I stared into the eyes of love for the very first time

The sight of her made time stop as I basked in her heavenly shine

Memories with childhood friends forged and never forgotten

They all shall remain with me even when my body lies cold and rotten

The family gatherings with all of us sitting joyfully at the dinner table

It seems so long ago when all of us were willing and able

All I have left are these memories that I have treasured for so long

In times of weakness they are what keeps me alive and strong

When I feel lonely I stare out of my window to resuscitate these memories

My imagination plays the film with the outside world as my scenery

These memories are mine and mine alone in my heart is where they sleep

Until the day nostalgia comes again to take them out of their restful keep

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