Reality Of Peace


Gliding on this ship across this deep blue sea heaven

Mesmerized by it’s grandeur enveloped in it’s lesson

The soft cotton candy clouds slowly pass by watching too

Taking in the same beautiful view it is already accustomed to

Dolphins swimming together in a harmonic perfect unity

 I can’t help but think about why couldn’t this happen with humanity

As my mind drifts back into this dream like moment of peace

Feeling the tranquility in my being with every breath I release

Noticing a flock of birds traversing the sky going to their next destination

I become synchronized with their essence feeling my own flying sensation

closing my eyes for a moment to feel the ambiance of togetherness all around

The sharing of this beautiful blue planet where unity is the common ground

It dawns on me at this moment like the morning light that rises in the east

A light of hope that starts to come over me in a world of war that never seems to cease

The sense of unity I still feel and see in the life around me it yearns to be heard

One day when we all come together we can live the reality of peace that was once absurd

8 thoughts on “Reality Of Peace

    1. Ahh, the sounds of the ocean can brighten any mood and put ourselves in such a peaceful bliss. Thank you so much for your very kind words, it really mean a lot. 🙂


    1. One day even those who intentionally infect the dream of peace will have no power to rule over a united humanity that has the common goal of love and compassion.


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