Dream Of Imagination


Staring with a sharp but loose gaze out of my window

Watching the gentle bend of branches sway in a synchronicity show

Thoughts of the past freely come into my view

Revealing itself in the present trying to give me a clue

I watch in keen interest that only my eyes can see

Giving myself freely to this moment that this vision has given me

I feel a calm in the midst of this tranquil mind state

Giving no care or attention to the sounds and actions others make

I see myself standing in the grass in a peaceful bliss

Having not a care in the world I remember the days like this

An omniscient presence comes over me like a warm blanket in a cold winter night

As I keep watching myself in the grass basking in the warm illuminating light

I feel no longer aware that I am sitting patiently staring out of my window

Becoming the vision I see before me I can almost feel the winds subtle blow

Lost in the moment it feels like I am in a dream quietly asleep

Even though my eyes are wide open I stay in a trance ever so deep

I snap out of this dream at peace with a yearning anticipation

As I stare out the window waiting for my next dream of imagination

7 thoughts on “Dream Of Imagination

    1. Thank you so much Victoria! I am really glad that my poetry puts you in the same mind set and imagery I try to portray as I write them. Your comment means a lot! I have also enjoyed reading your writing and the uplifting inspiration it gives me as well. 🙂

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