Pale Blue Skies And Golden Horizons

golden horizon

Walking on a path in the direction my heart can only understand

My destination seems so far I don’t know if I can

This destination is what my heart truly seeks

So this is no time for me to be stagnant and weak

I steady my pace and I keep going

My head held high with the light in my eyes of the horizon showing

Seeing many other people and animals along the way

I say nothing and just point the direction that lay

They all join me on my journey without saying a word

Listening to the words of their heart is only what is heard

We walk the same path breathing the same air traveling as one

Feeling the same wind the same love the same sun

All with the same reflection of the horizon in our eyes

The golden light of love that we hold deep inside

Mesmerized by the twinkling jewels that the nights sky displays

To the warmth of the sun that kisses our skin in the bright sunny days

The closer we get to our destination our souls start to brighten

And finally now we have reached the pale blue skies and golden horizons

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