Experience Of Nature Poem

Its a place for unobtrusive contemplation,

Where your mind can wander with no ramification,

The sounds and sights are meant for your soul,

Where the symphony of nature has you under her control,

You cannot turn off the orchestra of nature for that is forbidden,

The wondrous sounds create inner peace and silence where your solace is hidden,

Nature paints the most exquisite and perfect of paintings,

Joy and happiness in your heart is what will be sustaining,

Understanding your being and nature as one,

Comes with the awareness of you and nature as life under the brilliant sun,

These are natures secrets provided that are the purest and true,

For the experience of nature gives you a look at your soul only you can view.

So carry these teaching in the depth of you heart,

And your connection with nature will never be apart.

3 thoughts on “Experience Of Nature Poem

    1. Thank you 🙂 I am really glad you liked it. Being in nature is a true treasure and it should never be taken for granted for it is the essence of life itself.


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