Sunset Poem

Sitting alone on the west coast sand,

Doing nothing but feeling sand in my hands,

With the waves crashing and mist sprinkles my face,

I know I rather be no other place,

For which I am about to behold,

Is a beauty that cannot be bought or sold,

Colors so vivid and bright,

It’s the closest thing on earth to a heavenly sight,

It’s a beauty seen with my eyes and felt with my heart,

I live for every moment until it starts to go dark,

I have not a single care in the world,

Not even a chance to utter a single word,

For this beauty I see has captivated my attention,

That even time itself is stuck in suspension,

I see this sight that is so divine and so pure,

So beautiful that even sadness can be cured,

Now that the sun is gone and the stars start to usher in,

I await the next day to witness this beauty again.

6 thoughts on “Sunset Poem

  1. The sunrise and sunset are magic moments of the day. It’s a real pity that we don’t get to acknowledge them enough. Having visual access to them is truly valuable.


      1. It is indeed. Usually, that blessed sight comes with holidays and open landscapes. A pity! I think the world would be a much more peaceful and balanced place if people reconnected with the source of life on a daily basis.


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