Dream Poem

For some dreams can be enigmatic,

And there are other dreams that are problematic,

There are dreams you do not want to wake from,

Then there are dreams you see many faces but recognize none,

How can you decipher so many different dreams,

When everything you see is not what it seems,

All you can do is go with the flow,

Until the day they become lucid and now you have control,

Then you will be free from the shackles in your dreams,

So go ahead and make up your own beautiful themes,

Now in your dreams you are in the know,

Being aware of your dreaming your imagination can sew,

Having no fear of flying if that is what you choose,

You know if you fall your life you will not lose,

This is truly a gift and will not happen every time,

Treasure it for it has the power to give sight to the blind.

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